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The winning team from Costa Rica will go to Sweden: "Super excited"

Fútbol Consultants Edson Soto won the B11 category in the Gothia Cup in Cancun.

Fútbol Consultants Edson Soto from Costa Rica was one of the winning clubs in the very first Gothia Cup tournament in Cancun. Now they're preparing for their trip to Gothenburg.

The eleven-year-olds and their leaders loved their time in Mexico.
– It was a very pleasant experience for the team, because of the good competitive level of the teams in addition to the fun time that the players and family can spend at the hotel and the beaches, says the coach Erick Cerdas.
Fútbol Consultants Edson Soto won four out of five games. They defeated the Mexican team FC NAPOLI MX with 4-0 in the final.
– Our players were prepared to win the tournament. They trained all month in December and the prize was winning the cup. For almost all the players, it was their first international tournament and winning it will be a great memory. It was very special for them to have won it. Both parents, players and coaches were very happy, he says.

Except for the trophy and the medals, they also won participation in the Gothia Cup in Gothenburg this summer.
– The boys were doubly excited for having won but I think that the greatest joy, more than having won the tournament, was knowing that the great prize was being able to participate in the Gothia Cup in Gothenburg. When the match ended, we began to organize the trip to Sweden, says Erick Cerdas.
To say that the boys are excited is an understatement.
– We went back to the hotel after the award ceremony. The boys were watching videos of the opening ceremony of the Gothia Cup and everyone shouted "we're going to Sweden" on the bus. Without a doubt, they're super excited to participate in such a prestigious tournament, he says.



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