Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find the most frequently asked questions about Gothia Cup Cancun.

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Yes, there is WiFi available at the hotel.

Will be updated shortly.

Yes, there is a minibar in the room.

Return transfer between the Cancún airport and the Grand Oasis Hotel is included for everyone who has booked the hotel trough Gothia Cup. Transfer must be booked in advance at Gothia Account.

All extra nights are subject to availability, please contact us if you wish to book an extra night. If the extra nights are before the tournament there will be a higher cost per night.


The tournament begins with a group play. Teams are divided into groups of four or five teams, where all teams are playing each other once. The first and second team of the group qualify for play-off A, the other teams in the group qualify for play-off B. All teams are guaranteed at least four matches.

The two best teams in each group will advance to play off A. The other teams in the group will advance to playoff B. All playoff matches will be decided by the cup system, i.e. by direct elimination. A draw in the playoff will be decided by penalty kicks according to the FIFA rules.

The matches will be played at El Ray.

Gothia Line are our own buses that will take you from the hotel to the pitches and back. The Gothia Line schedule is found in our app.

The age categories for 2024 are:

B18 - Boys born 1/1-06 or later (11-a-side)
B16 - Boys born 1/1-08 or later (11-a-side)
B14 - Boys born 1/1-10 or later (11-a-side)
B12 - Boys born 1/1-12 or later (7-a-side)
B11 - Boys born 1/1-13 or later (7-a-side)

G18 - Boys born 1/1-06 or later (11-a-side)
G16 - Girls born 1/1-08 or later (11-a-side)
G14 - Girls born 1/1-10 or later (11-a-side)
G12 - Girls born 1/1-12 or later (7-a-side)

In the 11-a-side categories, two dispensations are by default given for overaged players, who can be at most one year over the age limit. In the 7-a-side categories, one dispensation is by default given for overaged players, who can be at most one year over the age limit. Note that it’s not allowed to have more than one/two overaged player/s in the roster, who change places in the squad for each match.

Girls may play in boys' classes if regulations for the age categories are followed.

The age control is carried out at the information desk at the Gothia Cup hotel or at the pitches and must be completed at the latest Thursday, January 4th, 2024.

For teams reaching the finals, each player will receive a medal, and the teams the specially designed Gothia Cup trophy. The two loosing teams in the A play-off semi final will receive a third place trophy and bronze medals during halftime of the final in their age category. For teams reaching the finals in the B play-off there will be medals and a trophy.

The winner in each age category wins their participation with school accommodation (category A) for 18 persons (players and leaders) at Gothia Cup 2023 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Travel to Gothenburg is not included.



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