Grand Oasis Hotel, Cancún

The Gothia Cup


During Gothia Cup Cancún all participants will stay at the same hotel, the Grand Oasis in Cancún. Making this the perfect place for everyone to come together, meet new friends and socialize. With the ocean, pools, restaurants and fun activities there will always be something to do.

Panoramic view

Hotel for family and friends

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650 meters of white sand

Stay by the ocean

The hotel is located right at the beach with plenty of space for everyone. After the matches you can take a swim and enjoy the crystal blue water.

Enjoy your stay

The hotel area offers something for the entire group, including family and friends traveling with the team.


There are eight restaurants in the hotel area with options of Mexican, Japanese, International, seafood etc. All included in the package.


The rooms for players consists of two double beds and up to four players can share the same room. The minibar in the room is restocked with water every day. And all participants have access to free WiFi.

Endless pools

There are multiple pools available, with the biggest one being 400 meters long. So if you're not in the mood for the ocean and the white sand there is still a place for you to take a swim.



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